Sustainable Living Experience Limolo

Participate in a modern stay, among bio-architecture, art, design, nature, and culture.

a Three nights (and four days) at Limòlo House
a Sustainability and Short Supply Chain Tour
a Minimum impact stay
a Cook and Dine with us

Live a unique experience with a two-night stay at Limòlo House, where each morning begins with a near-zero-impact breakfast. Discover our sustainable practices and learn how short supply chain can be applied in your daily life. Explore the unspoiled nature around us.

Sustainable Living Experience Limòlo

March 1 to May 20, 2024

Minimum three nights, from €100 per day per double room (2 people)
This living room program is for you only if:
  • Are you willing to change your habits for a few days to devote yourself to an experience that will give you many insights into a different way of living and touring?
  • Have you ever thought that you can live surrounded by essentiality where everything you need is and should be beautiful but made with ingenuity and craftsmanship, without the need for industrial products?
  • Do you want to experience the feeling of living in a bio-architecture house that regulates its own temperatures, colors and degree of humidity in symbiosis with its surroundings? Visit Sinis short chain producers and explore the area in “Responsible Tourism” mode?
What the Sustainable Living Experience package includes:
  • An overnight stay of nights and four days in a double room*.
  • Self-serve breakfast at Km0
  • Limòlo’s Sustainability and Short Supply Chains Tour
  • Cook and dine with us: try your hand at a sustainable menu, exceptional cooking class with local and ultra-fresh produce (only raw material contribution required for dinner)
  • Excursion to Cabras pond with some of the guides affiliated with Limòlo (who share the same values and principles) + aperitif with products from the lagoon (25€ pp)
*Offer bookable at least 7 days after check in and valid for a minimum stay of three nights (four days) for a minimum group of 4 people. Stay available in the Coast, Trinchetta and Randa rooms. Offer valid from March 1 until May 20, 2024.

Our Rooms


Homage to Gallura and the passion for sailing


The most intimate room, typical furnishings of campidanese houses


A signature room where you can enjoy the light and texture

Why Sustainable Living requires a minimum of three nights (four days) 🛏️

We ask you to devote at least four days (three nights, four days), not to be a hit-and-run tourist I see, I photograph, I go… without having understood anything about the place you visit…

Valuable architects and artists involved in the mission of recreating a model of living that, in step with the times, is beautiful, interesting, and comfortable but eliminates the superfluous have worked at Limolo House.

Energy consumption minimized. The naturally eco-friendly atmosphere. The stimulating and relaxing environment, because between art and design, sustainable solutions and conviviality will offer you a chance for a break from your routine along with a time for reflection and discussion.

Let yourself be led by what happens at Limolo House. Abandon the cliché of all-cost schedules and timetables, of driving miles to see and photograph everything. The times in which we live call us to a different mode. Enjoy your time. Leave your patterns at home. Go slowly, observe, learn from diversity.

Daniela, the owner, a tireless researcher of sustainable solutions, will accompany you on this stay, a mixture of vacation, internship, exploration and time for self, experimentation and innovation.

Come be part of a “Different Tourism” that is in step with the times!

Credits: video cover by Daniele Manca